Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sometimes persistence pays

©2017 Barry Smith - Swimming up-stream? School of Funky Fish 2
I have been trying to find scraps of time to get a couple of projects finished: A School of Funky Fish 2  for an up coming art festival; and the Snake and Water 5 post sculpture.

After final grinding and polishing Funky Fish 2 is ready for packing and sending out west. Fiona provided valuable design advice on layout of the fish forms to create a sense of cohesion and movement. The timber base is salvaged camphor laurel - sanded and oiled.

©2017 Barry Smith - School of Funky Fish 2 
©2017 Barry Smith - Detail of School of Funky Fish 2
I had finished the etching of the snake and water motifs but needed to remove all the shellac and paint to reveal the finished plates. That took a lot of methylated spirits and muscle. But I think the end results show the effort was worth it.

2017 Barry Smith - Before - etched plates with shellac and paint
2017 Barry Smith - After - cleaned etched plates
2017 Barry Smith - Set of four plates for a post
2017 Barry Smith - Cleaned etched water motif plates
The final job on the Snake and Water sculpture, before installation, is to attach 4 etched plates to each of the 5 posts. Still a way to go but edging closer. I hope to do the install in the next couple of weeks.

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