Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A joyous pandemonium?

©2017 Barry Smith - a small humble clover flower head catches the early morning sun
I started my walk this morning a bit tired and sore after a heavy afternoon of work the day before. My mind was a little grey. But it did not take long for nature to turn that grey into colour and for the tiredness to be eased away.

The word that came to my mind as I walked Treehaven Way was pandemonium - why pandemonium; and can one actually have a pandemonium of colour, sound and light? I just felt there was just so much colour, birdsong, bee hum and light that they all combined to create a combined rowdy pandemonious joy.

Just some of fragments of the morning pandemonium!!

©2017 Barry Smith - Perfection of one of the many grevillea blossoms

©2017 Barry Smith - Early light

©2017 Barry Smith - Unfurling leaf of a new stag horn 
©2017 Barry Smith - Tiny 'weed' blossoms
©2017 Barry Smith - An early spring rose in our garden
Spring appears to be rampant early.


  1. Lovely photos as usual. A lovely surprise in the mail today, thank you Barry, I don't think I was expecting them.

  2. Chuckled to see the word pandemonium because many years ago in our CA garden, I planted cosmos. Now I had always planted the pink and white variety but this seed package showed yellow, orange and rust colored blooms. Indeed and they grew and grew and seemed to take over the garden, growing taller than I am and I'm 5 ft 3" of my neighbors asked what was growing and I said, "pandemonium!"

  3. I love your joyous pandemonium, Barry!

  4. Thank you Barry. Lovely photos of what you saw today. Tyrone


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