Friday, September 1, 2017

Water and Snake post sculpture installed

©2017 Barry Smith - Five post Water and Snake sculpture installed
A big part of today was given over to installing the Water and Snake 5 post sculpture in the small '
courtyard' at the house of the couple who commissioned the work.

The task really started with all the planning and loading of the posts and gear for the installation. But the on-site work started with agreeing the final set out of the posts with the clients. This was to ensure that they: could still service the courtyard; and the sculpture could be seen from the dining room, the bath room and the entrance to the courtyard. Set out in the cleared courtyard (2m wide and just over 4-5m long) marked out with white paint.

©2017 Barry Smith - The cleared courtyard
The individual posts were concreted into the ground using quick-set cement mix. Each post was levelled and then supported with timber held by clamps whilst the concreted cured. Curing to green hardness took about 20 minutes to the point it was safe to gently remove the supports and move the supports on to the next post. The whole on-site installation process took over 4 hours.

©2017 Barry Smith - The tallest post in place
©2017 Barry Smith - Four installed and one to go
©2017 Barry Smith - Waiting for the concrete to cure on the front posts; and cleaning the posts whilst we waited.
©2017 Barry Smith - Posts floating slightly above the ground
©2017 Barry Smith - Looking from one side
The clients were really happy with the end result. They will now fill the courtyard with grey gravel; and may also include a lighter grey pebble winding 'snake-like' pathway through the posts. Just as we were about to depart a small green bug thought it would have a little rest on the top plate of the front post.
©2017 Barry Smith - An art appreciating bug
A good day's work. Time for a small celebration that will include a wine.


  1. Looks great, Barry! Quite an installation day

  2. Looks good Barry!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Makes the space a "go to area", love the sculpture

  4. a great way to work, making art for this "interior of exterior spaces", to be seen in such an interesting fashion.

  5. How wonderful! Great job, Barry!


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