Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mainly about moisture and crucifix orchids

©2017 Barry Smith - Pristine - pure droplets and new Gardenia blossom 
Whilst we did not have rain overnight we did have something between a heavy dew and a mizzle.

We woke to a whiteout in the valley.

©2017 Barry Smith - White out from the top of the driveway
The morning walk revealed how much the blossoms revelled in the the moisture and collected droplets.

©2017 Barry Smith - New growth on the Peace Tree with droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Clear chains of water 'crystals' on a new web
©2017 Barry Smith - Miniature pink crucifix orchid with droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Orange  crucifix orchid with droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Pale crucifix orchid
©2017 Barry Smith - Pristine white crucifix orchid with droplets and webs
©2017 Barry Smith - Standard pink crucifix orchid with droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Red crucifix orchid with droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Droplets on mini Agapanthus
Great to have even small amounts of refreshment for the trees and blossoms given our current dry.

A rusty gate hinge on a weathered post - part of a new installation of posts on our block - more on that when we have added more rust to the posts - Fiona says we need a rust playday.

©2017 Barry Smith - Rust and wood


  1. Love your crucifix orchids. I have the pinky mauve one, keep trying get the red one and would love a white one. One day.

  2. you live in such a beautiful part of the world there is nothing like the beautiful peace and quiet of waking to fog in the valley

  3. Fiona is right! I need a rust play day too! Your crucifix orchid collection is wonderful, Barry. So many colours I have yet to collect!


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