Sunday, September 3, 2017

The power of leaves

Over the weekend I intended to complete a few more Artisan Lamps. However Fiona and I attended the opening of the Maleny Print Makers exhibition; and I was reminded that I had committed to giving a fellow artist Peace Leaves for International Peace Day. I knew that I needed to fulfil that commitment before I got on to the lamps. At the exhibition I was also reminded of the sad story of a woman whose baby daughter died about 12 months ago. I felt I wanted to gift her a few leaves to offer energy and hope.

So I got stuck into making the Peace Leaves; and Leaves of Hope and Healing. The Peace Leaves are about 9cm long; and the Leaves of Hope  and Healing are about 13cm long. I always feel that the process of making gives me the opportunity to imbue the metal forms with a little positive energy.

©2017 Barry Smith - Old oyster knife used for unfolding leaf forms
After all the cutting, folding, hammering and opening it was off to the grinding and polishing bench to let the beauty of the metal and words shine.

©2017 Barry Smith - Ten Peace Leaves in the rough
©2017 Barry Smith - Leaves - ground and polished - a new grinding-polishing wheel (320 grit)
The outcome was good - so I hope that these small leaves can carry a bit of power.

©2017 Barry Smith - Leaves of Hope and Healing (breathe, love, life)
©2017 Barry Smith - Ten Leaves of Peace
I did get to do some work on Artisan Lamps; but that will be progressed during the week if time permits.


  1. I love the leaves you sent Barry, already giving them to some special friends.

  2. your leaves are making such good magic Barry!

  3. I hold a peace leaf in my hand, shiny, smooth, sharp point yet warm and comforting to the touch...Barry, your peace leaves hold hopes for peace, hopes for understanding and yes, even power for in your commitment to making them, the power of connection is strong. The leaves also are simply, beautiful art. My ten leaves have been wrapped and put in mailers and soon will be sent across the land to family and friends. Two I have kept for myself, placed on my altar that holds meaningful items that help me focus on my daily blessing ritual. Thank you for your addition and for these exquisite harbingers of so much...

  4. your leaves that floated here on the breeze are now a part of the peace paper project among others, spreading to europe and other far away hermon, ny. your hands touch others, too.

  5. Barry, the peace leaves you sent are really unique. Thanks again! They are already wrapped and waiting to be sent to family and dear friends.

    Hugs, Gaby

  6. I received my peace leaf last week and it is an object of beauty and power. Thank you! (Mine came from Liz Ackert of TX -- we collaborated on a quilt for Charleston last year and she sent a leaf to each of the quilters -- such a lovely idea!)


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