Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two more completed and two almost there

I got a bit of time on Saturday and quite a lot today to work on a few more Artisan Lamps - four to be exact. I did manage to get the two simpler ones completed and tested; and got very close to completing the two larger and more complex lamps.

I quite like the simple gear and white industrial ceramic light fitting lamp below. The large very old and worn gear is made from steel and some form of compressed wood-like fibre.

©2017 Barry Smith - Simple industrial look Artisan Lamp
©2017 Barry Smith - Simple industrial look Artisan Lamp
With the lamp below I was able to use some vintage gas light fitting and a cube of hairy oak timber I had cut and set aside months ago.

©2017 Barry Smith - Simple brass and timber Artisan Lamp
©2017 Barry Smith - Simple brass and timber Artisan Lamp
The lamp below incorporates: a very very old fire fighting nozzle; a gas welding piece; and a multi belt cog. The fire fighting nozzle has been kept intact.

©2017 Barry Smith - Elegant fire nozzle Artisan Lamp
The more wood based lamp might appeal to someone in or has been in the carpentry industry. It features old wooden spirit levels and a broken square.

©2017 Barry Smith - Artisan Lamp based on timber working tools
The two larger pieces are yet to be tested. The photo below once again shows how most of the lamps start out with pretty grubby bits and pieces.

©2017 Barry Smith - Some of the bits and pieces that went into the four lamps - on the grinding-polishing bench

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  1. Absolutely stunning, Barry! To look at that last photo and then see the end results is amazing and inspirational! Go well!


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