Sunday, September 17, 2017

Picking up the threads

It is a period we all go through - having a lot of commitments; creating havoc in our studio space; and needing to clean up to enable us to start again.

Well that happened to me over the weekend; and after cleaning the surfaces I discovered a number of projects I needed to finish including: Peace Doves (sort of doves!!!) for our peace tree; Peace Leaves for Fiona's dad to take to his meditation group; big copper leaves for the next in the Bending series; and bowls and leaves for a few sets of Daily Leaf Words.

The priority was the Peace Doves - I needed to make 10 new doves to add to the five that were still in in the tree from last year and the ones that had fallen out of the tree to make up 21 for International Peace Day.

©2017 Barry Smith 
I got them done and as Fiona was hanging her Peace Weathergrams I hung the Peace Birds.

I managed to finish the 10 Peace Leaves for Fiona's dad to hand out before International Peace Day.

And I roughly cut out the silver-plated blanks for the Daily Leaf Words sets.

So all in all I feel I have reclaimed my garage-studio and am doing things I want to do - get feeling.

I ended this post with a lovely bit of patina just because it is beautiful.

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  1. love how you & Fiona make Peace for our beautiful broken world


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