Thursday, September 21, 2017

Imagine Peace - International Peace Day

©2017 Barry Smith - 'Peace Tree' at the top mom the block with Peace Weather-grams and Peace Doves

International Peace Day has arrived - another annual opportunity to pause and imagine peace.

This year the world just seems to be in need of a lot more of it to counteract what seems to be an outbreak of mad threats and intolerance.

©2017 Barry Smith - I loved the small new green shoot that is in the foreground of one of
Fiona's Peace Weather-grams - a symbol of hope and small beginnings

At our place on the mountain we will just pause a few times today to wish, hope and imagine peace.


  1. Imagine Peace, hold it in your mind, heart and try to connect with one another and those you don't know. Encircle our fragile world with hope, with intention, with the blessings of community and most of all, simply with Love and understanding. Peace, love and hope and words I used to reply to Liz's latest post, words that became a rallying cry for our dear President Barack Obama, "Yes, We Can" or as I said to Liz, "Si Se Puede" because I hear these words in Spanish in my head and heart. Thank you Barry and Fiona for your inspiration, for living the talk, for showing by example, for reaching out and connecting and in so doing, we in turn have reached out across the globe and so it goes and may it continue...

  2. Happy International Peace Day, Barry and Fiona! We must all wish, hope and imagine peace, today and always. Go well...

  3. Thank you for my peace leaves, they have been handed out.

  4. Barry you made such good magic with sending out your beautiful Peace Leaves, I wish I could send you the looks of joy and wonder as each friend received their leaf & I mine, you're a treasure!

  5. Hi L, M, C, P and MC - thank you for sharing this important day and sending some positive vibes out there - we really can't get enough of them in this current time. L - there are so many beautiful connections - the airwaves are just buzzing. M - what an honour to connect with L and yourself - so much peacoefilled energy - it is so good just too be part of this small but energetic peace community - encouraging and supporting each other. C - yes - if we can't imagine peace today it would be a bit sad. P - you are very welcome - may those who receive the gift of a leaf feel the energy of it - energy from the making and energy from your giving. MC - it has been a strange and magic experience - a small decision months ago seems to offer a little encouragement and magic - something to remember - small things can make a bit of a difference. All - may we all continue to imagine and share peace in small ways. Go well. Peace. B


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