Friday, September 15, 2017

Off to the gallery-shop

©2017 Barry Smith - A Trio of Funky Fish
Today was about delivering Artisan Lamps and Funky Fish to Entangle in Dayboro.

I tested the two tall Artisan Lamps and put globe surrounds on the top of both.

©2017 Barry Smith - Spirit Level Artisan Lamp 
©2017 Barry Smith - Fire hose nozzle Artisan Lamp
Nola at Entangle has agreed to sell my Funky Fish in the Entangle gallery-shop. So School of Funky Fish 2; a Trio of Funky Fish; and a Funky Fish will be delivered.

©2017 Barry Smith - School of Funky Fish
©2017 Barry Smith - A single Funky Fish
An below shows what it looks like to pack up 7 Artisan Lamps and 3 sets of Funky Fish for delivery.

©2017 Barry Smith - All packed and ready for delivery

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