Friday, December 29, 2017

Bending 6 - a leaf form sculpture

©2017 Barry Smith - Patina developing on large copper leaves
I finished Bending 6 today. Bending 6 is the sixth in my  leaf form sculpture series. It is a light weight sculpture (copper leaf forms on rusted steel rods). It was inspired by bamboo grasses bending with the breeze; bent and blown in the same direction; and flowing with the breeze. Each sculpture in the series is made up of 15-21 large (25-28cm long) fold-formed copper leaves are attached to rusted steel rods (8mm thick and 600mm to 800mm long) using 3mm solid copper rivets that are hand set. Bending 6 has 15 separate leaf forms on rods.

Each Bending sculpture can be installed indoors (set in wooden planks); or outdoors (set in grass, gravel, sand).  It  can be easily moved around by the owner; and the leaf forms can be set further or closer together depending on the owner's space and preference.

Leaf forms attached to rods; and close up of the copper rivets.

©2017 Barry Smith - Hand set copper rivets
©2017 Barry Smith - Leaves riveted to rusty rods
©2017 Barry Smith - Steel and copper - shavings from drilling copper rivet holes
Leaf forms were cleaned with steel wool and ready for application of oxidation solution.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
Solution applied and patina emerging.

©2017 Barry Smith
Once the patina has fully developed and dried the sculpture will be placed outdoors to further cure.

A pleasing outcome for the day.

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