Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas stock

©2017 Barry Smith - Six Leaf Tea Caddy Spoons - these spoons have a round front section for scooping out a single serve of tea leaves
Over the weekend I planned to repurpose some silver-plated tray stands and other interesting objects by giving them a good planned and sequenced hammering. That was put on hold as Maleny Additions asked if I could replenish their stock of Tea Caddy Spoons, Leaf-spoons and Leaf Pate Knives.

In the end I cut enough metal to make 17 objects: 6 Tea Caddy Spoons, 7 Leaf-spoons and 4 Leaf Pate Knives.

©2017 Barry Smith - Marking up the rectangles of silver-plate cut from recycled trays
A few more process photos follow.

©2017 Barry Smith - Marking the fold lines on the three different objects
©2017 Barry Smith - All the pieces were given an initial grind to improve shaper and get rid if rough metal
©2017 Barry Smith - All pieces nice and shiny and reflecting the surrounding colours
And then a couple more photos of the finished and tagged objects.

©2017 Barry Smith - Four Leaf Pate Knives - red/orange of my shirt reflected on the pate knives
©2017 Barry Smith - Seven Leaf-Spoons
Because I was doing three similar but different leaf form objects concurrently I took a little more notice of the folding and hammering sequences for the different objects. These three objects are my own designs using fold-forming techniques. The folding and hammering of the leaf forms occurs at a different point in the making process for each object. Maybe one day I will document the different processes.


  1. They are gorgeous, from a snowy Northern Ireland

  2. they're so fine, barry, and great to be selling so well!

  3. Amazing work! How something so delicate can be produced from something so hard.


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