Friday, December 8, 2017

More metal with a message

©2017 Barry Smith - Curled over stems of peace leaf bookmarks
Today was given over to work on the block - getting jobs done while the weather was fine - including oiling 5 decks. My art post today is about peace leaf bookmarks I have been working on during the week.

Last Thursday I was asked by our local Maleny Neighbourhood Centre if I could make 100 small simple peace leaves. These leaves are to be given away by the Centre volunteers at our local Christmas Festival (tonight - and it is raining) to say thanks to members of our community for support during the past year. The Centre also asked that the leaves be stamped with a peace symbol - peace at Christmas.

The photo below shows over 100 cut and stamped leaves in the rough - cut from various bits of recycled brass and copper - before grinding and polishing.

©2017 Barry Smith
I turned the stems of the leaf forms so that they can be used as book marks or a pendant. So this is what a box of 109 peace leaf bookmarks looked like - delivered yesterday (Thursday)

©2017 Barry Smith - A box of peace leaf bookmarks
And a couple of photos of the finished leaves.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith
I think it is almost time for a red wine!!!


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