Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Orchids and other bits

On Christmas evening Fiona and I took a walk around her dad's garden. He has many orchids. I thought I'd share photos of a few to wish everyone a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and New Year 'holiday' time.

©2017 Barry Smith - Orchid with ant
©2017 Barry Smith - Mysterious brown and yellow
©2017 Barry Smith  Crucifix orchid - yellow
©2017 Barry Smith  Crucifix orchid - orange
©2017 Barry Smith  Crucifix orchid - pink-orange
©2017 Barry Smith  Crucifix orchid - pink-purple
©2017 Barry Smith  Crucifix orchis - red
This morning's walk was through and in a grey and gentle mist that shrouded the valley and Treehaven Way. It meant that droplets clung to spider's webs and blossoms.

©2017 Barry Smith - Clear droplet on a small orange blossom
©2017 Barry Smith - Stash of Agaves we cut yesterday to be given away to friends and at the top of our drive
©2017 Barry Smith - Droplets on a small spider's web against a grey mist morning sky
©2017 Barry Smith - Power lines in the mist
©2017 Barry Smith - Large delicate spider's web hanging in a tree
©2017 Barry Smith - Section of a large delicate spider's web vibrating in the breeze against a foliage background
The mist made for a quiet morning - I met no-one on my walk. There was very little birdsong; but I did have the company of one Magpie.

©2017 Barry Smith - My Magpie companion
Wishing all a quiet, refreshing and safe end to the year.


  1. love the quiet beauty of your misty morning!

  2. Hi Barry, as you know I am an orchid nut, or I was, not sure how things will flower now we are in town. Love the different coloured crucifix orchids. I grow a lovely pink mauve one, would love other Colours but not easy to source here.


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