Friday, December 15, 2017

In the landscape

©2017 Barry Smith - Sculpture (Buttress Root) in the Little Yabba Creek landscape
The blog is about two very different sculptures: the organ installation on the block; and the Buttress Root sculpture at Little Yabba Creek (LYC).

First the Buttress Root Sculpture. This morning I went to LYC to give the sculpture a clean and the poetry post a paint. Why? The sculpture is being officially opened tomorrow (Saturday). There is to be a community event (11.30am-1.30pm) that celebrates the Pente Poets poetry and the poetry trail, the sculpture, the local history and the place. It will include talks of course; but also sausage sizzle, face-painting, music etc.

The sculpture has settled into the landscape - the grass has all but covered all the bare earth around it. It looks like it belongs there. When I was giving it a clean a woman walking her dog came up to me and thanked me for design of the sculpture  - she said how beautiful it was and how uplifting it was to have it sitting out there by the creek. Couple more photos of Buttress Root.

©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith 
About 3 years ago I brought a electric organ to save it going to the tip. I thought it would be interesting to install it out in the open on the block between the mango trees and watch the process as it returned to the earth.

©2017 Barry Smith  - Organ installed on the block
Well the process has progressed to the stage that the timber frame collapsed so the organ keyboard etc are now snuggled amongst the grass and weeds - closer to the earth. It has a real beauty as it gradually and quietly returns to mulch and earth.

©2017 Barry Smith - Three years on - the organ settles into the landscape 
©2017 Barry Smith - The landscape claims the organ
©2017 Barry Smith - In the end all that will remain are the plastic bits
I started a couple of pendants today - I hope to complete at least one over the weekend.


  1. so good to see Buttress Root settled in and love the progress of the old organ merging into your garden!

  2. The Buttress Root in the first and third images recalls our long-time home state of Virginia. Likewise, the organ sinking into the ground is metaphor for a (less than wildly successful) attempt by my parents to instruct my brother and me in how to play.

    How we each bring our own histories to viewing art and the world ...

  3. such different pieces, but so much your vision.


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