Friday, December 22, 2017

Restarting a sculpture

©2017 Barry Smith - Steel rods in the fire pit
Today I restarted a couple of my light leaf based Bending sculptures. I started these months ago - they got put aside as I worked on a range of other demands. One is to become Bending 6 and the other Mini Bending.

As you can see I got to do a bit of blacksmithing in the process of hammering the ends of the rusted rods that will hold the copper leaf forms. I clamped my gas torch into the hot bench vise and directed the flame on to the fire pit I use for annealing. It made the hammering of 22 rods so much easier.

©2017 Barry Smith - Rusted rods
©2017 Barry Smith - Hammered rods
©2017 Barry Smith - Lovely colour of the hammered rusted rods
I also got around to hammering the large leaf forms to attach to the rods; and a whole stash of smaller copper leaves that will become small 3 leaf packs.

©2017 Barry Smith - Hammered small leaves (about 12.5 cm long)
©2017 Barry Smith - Unfolded small copper leaves
©2017 Barry Smith - Comparison of the large and small unfolded copper leaves
A reasonably productive day given that I started the day doing community work and work on my friend's estate. And now a glass of red.

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