Sunday, August 12, 2018

Metal and buffalo horn jewellery

©2018 Barry Smith - Brass wire inlaid into blackish buffalo horn - last photo shows this is a detail of a pendant
I like how the silver-plated metal, blackish buffalo horn and rivets have come together - quite elegant.

I will just let the pieces speak for themselves.

©2018 Barry Smith - Silver-plate, brass rivets and buffalo horn pendant - about 6cm long
©2018 Barry Smith Silver-plate, brass rivets and buffalo horn pendant - about 6cm long - horn is about 3mm thick
©2018 Barry Smith - The grain in the horn was too nice to cover on this pendant 
©2018 Barry Smith - Slender buffalo horn and brass rivet earrings - all the earrings have solid sterling silver earwires - drops are about 6cm long and 5mm square
©2018 Barry Smith - Rectangular earrings - blackish buffalo horn, hammered silver-plater brass rivets - drops are about 4cm long and 8mm across
©2018 Barry Smith - Almost square - brass and aluminium rivets in blackish buffalo horn - drops are about 2cm long and 1.54cm across
©2018 Barry Smith - Blackish buffalo horn with inlaid brass and stainless steel wire - this was Fiona's suggestion - she thought the saw cuts in the horn needed highlighting - it worked - still a bit rough but it started from a very rough off-cut - about 6cm long, 3.5cm wide and .8cm thick.
Hopefully I will be fully functional again next week.


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