Friday, May 24, 2019

Change of plans

©2019 Barry Smith - Inspirational leaf - love - about 7cm long
I had planned to rivet the big sculptural books today; but there was a change of plan. I had a request for silver-plated leaves with the word kindness stamped into them. I did not have these leaves in stock. So the day was spent on fold formed metal leaves. I not only made a stash of those requested; but decided to make some small love and hope leaves for giving away.

With good planning and careful cutting I managed to get quite a few leaf related blanks out of a biggish silver-plated copper serving tray.

©2019 Barry Smith - Silver-plated copper tray marked up for leaf blanks.
©2019 Barry Smith - Quite a good outcome from the planning - the four blanks on the right will become leaf pate knives; and the small blanks in the middle became part of the stash to be made into love and hope leaves
After many steps the bright leaves emerged. Some outcomes of the steps below.

©2019 Barry Smith - Stamped blanks - marked for folding
©2019 Barry Smith - Forms cut and hammered and about to be opened
©2019 Barry Smith - Ground and polished on the wheel
©2019 Barry Smith - A line of kindness leaves - about 13cm in length
©2019 Barry Smith - Small hope leaves - about 6-8cm long
©2019 Barry Smith - Small love leaves - about 6-8cm long
Today was one of the first Fridays in a long time that I have managed to spend most of the day in the studio-garage - a satisfying feeling.


  1. lovely things, your leaves. it struck me that an echo of these is happening in the woods right now as leaves unfurl and grow and grow and soon the wood's secrets will be invisible.

  2. love your leaves so full of love and peace and the kindness that gentles the world

  3. I never tire of seeing your process ... and my eyes always turn to my own peace leaf, softly shining in the morning sun ...

    surely you've made a tree's worth of leaves over the years!

  4. V, MC and LA - sorry for my tardy response to your generous visit to the blog and comments. V - love the idea of the secrets of the woods be incoming visible. Hoping your move goes well and brings you joy in the years ahed. MC - I think that is the motivation for continuing to make leaves. LA - it is a joy to hear folk say how the leaves can be a quiet presence. I stopped counting once I had gone beyond 1000 - not quite a tree's worth. Love and peace. B


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