Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Winter light 2019

©2019 Barry Smith - The lights of Brisbane Port and Brisbane CBD (about 80klm away as the crow flies) - with the first blush of day - star on the extreme left
The days are getting shorter and therefore the early mornings are darker - today we rose with the first blush of colour in the sky.

©2019 Barry Smith - Moon taken with iPhone - magnification 10
©2019 Barry Smith - A little more light - star still shining bright
I began my walk in grey light.

©2019 Barry Smith - Our plain tree has just about lost all its leaves
©2019 Barry Smith - Moon through the thinning tree - leaves fluttering in the breeze
It does not take long for the light to push back the darkness.

©2019 Barry Smith - Power poles in Treehaven Way
©2019 Barry Smith - Looking to the east from Treehaven Way
The colours of flowers and rust can emerge.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Even some faint colour on the kookaburra silhouette
©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Layers of delicate rust in the fire-pit water bowl
 But then the strength of the light of the day wanes and the pinks, blues and peach colours return before the day fades into grey and then darkness again.

©2019 Barry Smith - Dusk behind to set in


  1. Looks calm and pleasant. 96 degs. this morning. Hot and getting hotter.

  2. love sharing your morning walk!

  3. P, T & MC - it is always good to share our parts of the globe with each other. Thanks for your comments. Go well. B


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