Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Slightly obsessed with the clarity of droplets

©2019 Barry Smith - Droplets this morning on tiny orchid bud
As you can see from the photo below we are back into a spiral of rain showers, drizzle and whiteouts. We thought we had come through our wet autumn - but not so - rain etc will be with us for quite a few more days.

©2019 Barry Smith - A grey out this morning - not even able to see the back fence
One of the silver linings is that the plants are getting bathed in clear gentle rain. Many plants and cobwebs are holding droplets like special crystal jewels. Most of the photos in this blog are from the back deck and in the orchid house.

©2019 Barry Smith - Cluster of clear droplets on an orchid stem
©2019 Barry Smith - Holding crystals 
©2019 Barry Smith - Like threaded pearls - the wire is 3mm in width - demonstrates how tiny some of the droplets are
©2019 Barry Smith - Holding and reflecting the colours around it - tip of a new orchid bud
©2019 Barry Smith - This very shouty orchid is about 20mm in length - such vibrant colour
The droplets are not always easy to capture with the iPhone as it wants to focus on things behind. Still it is grand to see the clear refreshing beauty.

And when the sun shines in the early morning we are gifted with strong rainbows in the kitchen.

©2019 Barry Smith - Rainbow on the stone bench top through the chamfered edge of a kitchen louvre.

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  1. (((Barry))) 'Like threaded pearls' is a fabulous photo, you have a great eye!


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