Sunday, May 19, 2019

Functional creations

©2019 Barry Smith - Eleven Tea Caddy Leafspoons with tags ready for delivery to Maleny Additions
I had a request from Maleny Additions for another batch of Tea Caddy Leafspoons. By grabbing bits and pieces of time I managed to finish 11 leafspoons as you can see from the photo above.

I know I have done this before but I still felt I might share some aspects of the process.

©2019 Barry Smith - Marking the blanks of the Tea Caddy Leafspoons onto the sections of silver-plate cut from a old silver-plated tray - using a template.
©2019 Barry Smith - Blanks cut and ready for forming into spoon shapes - the metal looks pretty rough and dirty
©2019 Barry Smith - Gorgeous curly offcuts
©2019 Barry Smith - Bowls of the spoons formed
©2019 Barry Smith - Marked up ready for folding and hammering
©2019 Barry Smith - Grinding completed as the sun went down
©2019 Barry Smith - Polishing finished in the morning light.
The Tea Caddy Leafspoons appear to be very popular as functional art pieces - quite a number make their way overseas - they are light and strong.


  1. such beautiful Leafspoons and photographs!

  2. They are beautiful Barry, no wonder they sell so well.


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