Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Noela

A while ago I mentioned that I had tried to take a piece of work too far and the metal split. My friend Noela keeps saying that I could use heat to enable the metal to be more pliable – I know this but at this stage I am just taking my first steps in the area of beating and forming metal and the cold metal approach is ok for me at the moment.

However she did offer me another challenge that I have taken up and that is to finish the broken piece but let the beauty of the damage show through. So you can see the final product in the uploaded photos.

Much beating and riveting has been done and patina copper has been added to fix the splits. I have turned this into one of my meditation bowls for the exhibition – the words are in sinc with the condition of the bowl - it suggestes that life can have a number of fractures etc. I think it is a bowl that could encourage someone to feel positive about reviewing and choosing to put life on a new path – could use it myself maybe?

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