Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Small beaten metal meditation bowls

Fiona and I are on the final leg of preparations for the Exhibition. It is funny how you begin to do the checks to see if you have quality pieces and also have the quantity to fill but not over-fill the exhibition space.

I’m pleased to say that the series of small hand held meditation bowls has come to fruition. I was aiming for six and as you can see from the photos I have achieved that goal.

The photo of one of the bowls in my hand shows how small they are. They are meant to be cupped in the palm of one’s hands whist meditating. Each has a word/s such as serenity, peace, joy stamped into it as a further aid to calm and focus the mind.

The bowls nestle well into the hand and being metal, adjust to the body temperature as you hold them.

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