Thursday, October 22, 2009

Water feature with a difference

As indicated in an earlier posting one of the categories of my work for Fiona and my 'In the stillness' exhibition focuses on water fonts or bowls for quiet places in the garden . In all I have created four water pieces. In an earlier posting I shared the ‘Wood and Water’ piece. Today I finished the last of the four pieces and was pleased how it turned out.

The piece called 'Balancing' is a shallow bowl, made from the top of a zinc coated steel water cylinder, offset on a 150mm square timber pillar 800mm high. Leaves cut out of the body of the cylinder spiral up the pillar.

Holes, left in the bowl after fixtures on the cylinder were removed and ground off, have been covered by riveted brass triangles. The centre of the bowl has a ruby glass stone set in brass. This glass ‘gemstone’ was recovered from an old small decorative brass door. And yes the rusty tube sticking up in the air was part of the original fittings inside the cylinder.

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