Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shining fragments

Part of my art work this week reflects the notion of 'stars'. The story goes that stars are the shining fragments in the fabric of the universe that are created by the souls of those who have moved to the spirit dimension; and there are billions of them. And why did my mind turn to stars?

This week has been one of much suffering and sadness on both a grand and small scale. The tsunamis, floods, typhoons and earthquakes are just so full of human loss and suffering for those who have lost people and those who are injured. But also there have been many small and individual deaths including that of Lucy Vodden - the inspiration for the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Though it was not written to reflect such a message the song always reminds me of stars and therefore many shining spirits!

My beaten metal bowls this week have tried to capture a sense of stars and ‘diamonds’. It was one way of recognising the suffering of those who had lost family and friends.

I would like to think that people who might own these bowls might reflect on the possibility that we will all become stars or diamonds in the sky.


  1. OMG, Barry! I too was moved & touched by these events and remember hearing the story of Lucy Vodden (Lucy in the Sky with Diamionds)on the radio as I was parking my car under the house. I sat & listened to the story (being unfamilar as to how it came about) then sat and contemplated for some time, reflecting, on life and one's journey etc... I must have resonated with your thoughts as I am a proud owner of one of your bowls from your 'Stars' series, Thanks! Kim Schoenberger

  2. Kim - Thanks for your reflection -glad you were able to read the blog after you purchased the bowl - it does give our art a bit more meaning when we know some of the story behind it. Go well. Barry


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