Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tis at an end

Well work on my pieces for Fiona and my In the Stillness Exhibition to be held at Maleny Artworks (28 Oct-18 Nov)is complete. I finished on a rather mixed note with three quite different pieces.

I created a small balanced cube with patina copper and horseshoe nails. In the small v shaped pocket formed by the timber and metal I have included five slips of different metal each with an inspirational word stamped on it.

I have produced a set of patina copper leaves – soft shapes and good colour.

And last of all a quirky piece. This is made from an old brass strainer out of the spray back pack I have cut to pieces for making bowls etc. Through the strainer holes I have dropped bead making wires and in the bowl itself these wires support glass and crystal beads. The strainer is supported by brass rods drilled and glued into the timber base. Bit weird but one can’t let a good bowl shape go to waste.

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  1. Barry the copper, its patina and the wood work beautifully together. You must be pleased with the results - good luck for opening!


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