Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smoke and water

E-day, that is exhibition day (28 Oct.), is nearly upon Fiona and I so there is just that slight bit of mad panic emerging in the household. Not that we are not on track but rather we anticipate that the unexpected could, and usually does, happen and all the best plans go out the window.
Still the last few days have been productive.

I have continued to work on the water font pieces for the garden but also a few pieces that would be used as vessels for burning incense.

The grey piece below is a cut down recycled zinc coated water pressure cylinder. The leaf pattern was cut into the cylinder using an off-cut blade in the angle grinder. Rivets and patterns ground onto the metal finish the design. However it needs to cure outside – hopefully picking up a bit of rust over the next week or so on the edges of the pattern and other areas where the zinc has been ground off.

The tall thin piece is made from recycled timber and copper from and old water heater.

The incense burner is part of an old copper fuel tank and copper soldering irons – just a piece to keep the quirky dimension alive.

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