Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wood and water

As Fiona and I get closer to exhibition opening day our conversation has turned more and more to the themes that are running through our pieces. At the moment mine works are clustering into four loose categories: small beaten metal bowls that can be a point of focus; bowls that hold inspirational words; incense burning bowls and holders; and water features.

In regard to the later I have been testing the idea of bringing wood, metal and water together. So I want to create larger hard wood pieces that can sit in the garden and collect water in a turned bowl. Of course over time the timber will gather moss and the copper will continue to patina.

The piece in the photos is made from salvaged rose gum timber and recycled copper The piece is 800mm high and 200mm square – rose gum – very hard and very very heavy.

I like the idea that the ageing process will soften and incorporate the piece into the fabric of a garden setting. My vision is that the owner of such a piece would place it in a small courtyard or corner of the garden where the owner can sit, relax , reflect and let the garden and surrounds slow them down – meditating when you are not meditating?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, what a fine idea and a great asset to anyone's garden


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