Friday, November 20, 2009

Deep red - timber and earth

Life on the block is quite diverse at the moment. Fiona has posted a couple of times about the bounty from the garden – she did not report that it is also a great time for weeds to be bountiful - so as well as harvesting lots of great vegies we are also at war with the weeds. It is also the time of the year for us to get into house maintenance so the last week or so has seen the decks being cleaned and spruced up with a fresh coat of deck finish – hard on the knees but they are looking good and the timber is protected again.

Still we have had time to continue developing our pieces for COMA and Mackay. My COMA cube is taking on a new shape as a response to the map reference Ken gave me for the Maleny Image 6 challenge.

The photos show the chainsaw has been in action to cut a good wedge off the cube and now the topography is being carved into the top face – some good texture and timber grain showing through; and the deep red grain of the rose gum below will be great once it is oiled.

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