Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock - ACDC that is

Fiona and I were in Melbourne for work this week but as luck would have it there was ACDC exhibition called Australia’s Family Jewels at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. The exhibition is part of the Arts Centre Icon series.

The exhibition is a bit of snapshot of the band through posters, letters, magazine material, merchandise, film and audio clips. Interesting for someone like myself who finds ACDC music quite good to do art and move gravel by.

As part of the launch of the exhibition the Arts Centre organised a Back in Black Friday one hour free ACDC concert. ACDC tracks were performed by lead vocalists from about 16 rock bands. While some of the renditions were a bit off the pace the concert was a lot of fun; and it was great to see the wide age range of people who took up the opportunity to listen – from toddlers to oldies. It was good to be out in a daylight saving Friday evening in Melbourne.

Fiona and I were impressed with a young female rock artist Paris Wells (short blonde hair) who was supported by a couple of other female vocalists called the Bonnets - we think that was their name for the day – outrageous trio - good fun.

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