Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legend in my lunch box?

As indicated in an earlier post I have been somewhat incapacitated with back muscle strain – I have to find lighter timber and gravel??? And I have been under strict instructions from Fiona (physios never really give it up)as to: what exercises I must do; and what movements are good for me; and lifting I’m not to do while she was in Sydney for a couple of days work – she knows me too well.

I was talking to her earlier today and reporting what a good lad I’d been in that I had resisted the temptation to lift the COMA cube up off the floor onto the bench to continue working on it – it weighs a ton (be very afraid Ken).

She agreed that it was so unlike me – she said she was almost speechless (I think she nearly had to sit down for a bit such was the shock); and that I was in danger of becoming a legend in my own lunch box. Somehow I don’t think that was a compliment.

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