Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Placemaking path kick-starts ArtSite

In a couple of earlier posts I reported on the progress of the placemaking path that Edith-Ann had initiated and a number of us contributed to the construction of. The first photo shows a view of the completed path including the garden created by Edith-Ann and Carol. The other photo is Bev Hand (local Aboriginal elder) making her hand marks on the first people panel of the path.

The path was officially opened on the 11 November by our local councillor Jenny McKay. I will post a few photos when I get my hands on them. There was a good turnout of people to witness the event. Jenny said it was the first time she had opened a path – but of course it was much more than a path – it is now a place for people.

Making the path also provided the incentive to establish a body to promote, coordinate and manage community and placemaking art in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. That new body is ArtSite. ArtSite is a cooperative community enterprise established at a meeting of artists and other community members at the Hinterland Business Centre on the 5 November.

Members of ArtSite come from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland; have a range of backgrounds (artists, urban planners, project managers, place designers); and bring a range of skills to the ArtSite community enterprise. It is managed by a committee of volunteers.

The first ArtSite project is under development so I will post more on that later.

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