Monday, November 30, 2009

Deep Red and Mini

Good news folks – at least for me the lunch box legend - the back issue is resolved and I am again dangerous – to myself of course.

Fiona and I have been off line for a couple of days. For some reason after a recent storm our area lost all telephone connection and of course that means internet. Two days of deprivation – we were getting a bit jittery but we are back online and all is well.

There is so much to report including Andy Goldsworthy’s visit to Kenilworth, Sue’s visit and finishing both the COMA and Mackay pieces. Thought tonight I might share the COMA piece . As you know I started with a big cube of rose gum and then carved it.

Well I have worked it a bit more and have added a twist because I got a bit carried away and not only completed Deep Red but did a mini version of map reference 26SX152E. Deep Red is about 350mm cubed whereas Mini Deep Red is 50mm cubed. You can see the difference in size as Mini sits on top of and in front of Deep Red - Mini is about a 50th the size of Deep Red.

Just love the colour and form of Deep Red but also the jewel-like appearance of Mini Deep Red. Interesting what results from retaining the design but changing the dimensions and materials.

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