Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spiral – poetry in metal and wood

I have completed the work on my latest artists’ book.

I have incorporated the following poem by Poetic Muse into the piece:

Close your eyes and see the spiral in your mind
Inhale the colors
Let them heal you and cleanse you
Spirals have no beginning
Spirals have no end
Our galaxy is a spiral
But it is small compared to other galaxies
We are part of the spiral of humanity
Go with the flow of the spiral
Let the colors paint your soul

The metal pages from my earlier post are now incorporated into the piece. Five metal pages make up the spirals on each of the four sides and each spiral carries two lines of the poem;

and the last two lines are on the top in the form of a spiral.


  1. Love the spiral, Barry. well done. N

  2. Barry - a truly beautiful piece. The words work, the design works and the metal shines against the strong timber - good luck!


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