Thursday, December 3, 2009

Andy Goldsworthy in person

In an earlier posting I indicated how much I admired and was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s work. You can imagine my excitement when Fiona read that he was to do a presentation in a town that is about 40ks from where we live. Andy Goldsworthy in Australia and in a town nearby and doing a public presentation!!!! Fiona immediately booked us in for the event. So last Friday after a morning’s work in Deception Bay, and after Fiona had picked her best friend Sue up from the train at Beerwah, we made a beeline to Kenilworth to participate in the presentation.

The event was held in the Kenilworth community hall – which was hot – and I mean hot – we all should have paid for the free sauna. They say one must suffer for one’s art but I’m sure there are limits. Someone please give them money for fans. Anyway I digress.

Andy had been bought out from Scotland to investigate the possibility of doing a sculptural work for a new Conondale 7 hour bush walk. His presentation was a photographic mini review of his new work over the last twelve months. I am amazed just how much he does in a year – both permanent and ephemeral works. It was so energising to listen to his passion for the environment and his work.

As you can see I got to talk to him briefly and Fiona managed to get a signature or two in the books from our library. And yes we know we are tragic.

It is likely Andy will return to Kenilworth a couple more times as the design, agreement and possible construction process unfolds. We hope we are fortunate enough to meet him again. A great ordinary but extraordinary man.

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