Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day full of art

Yesterday was a day full of art in the Dempster–Smith household. As you know from earlier posts Fiona, and to a much lesser extent I, had been working to produce a body of work for display and sale at the ArtsConnect Market at Montville. Fiona had been invited to be one of a group of writers and book makers etc exhibiting and selling in the old church hall.

We hit the road for Montville at 7.45am (after a coffee in town of course) and were set up ready for action by 8.30am even though the Markets did not officially start until 9.30am.

There was a great show of artists on the green outside and in the hall; but we think the tourists and locals were at the air-conditioned shopping centres doing Christmas shopping as the was not much of crowd. Still we sold a few pieces; and it was good experience for Fiona and myself in preparing for and participating in an artists’ market.

After the mad pack up we bolted back home to get ready for the opening of the COMA exhibition Maleny Image 6Mapping the range; and also the celebration of the Paris end of Maple Street Maleny.

The COMA exhibition has resulted in some great works and there was a really good vibe to the evening. It was good to hang out with some of our fellow artists and share a few bubbles before Christmas. It is worth a look; and there are some good art bargains to be had.

I was fortunate that Mini Deep Red sold – always good if some of your work is picked up.

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