Saturday, December 19, 2009

Standing Stone and Posts on Mountain View

One of the things that have been on the ‘to-do list’ for about 18 months is to install some standing poles to complement the standing stone at the entrance to the block. But you know how it is – there are always more important or urgent things to do than creating a bit of art in your own place.

Fiona and I decided that it would be good to install the posts before Christmas. The stone is a piece of weathered quarried sandstone (about 1.8m out of the ground and another .9m in the ground) that is 200mm wide face on – so our posts needed to have a bit of gravitas – so we have used 200mm square rose gum.

Given there would be four posts and one stone I routed 5 notches into each post to pick up the quarry drill marks on the stone. The photo shows the routed posts with metal feet ready for installation.

We decided to do the installation in one go – so this morning we dug the 4 square holes; and cemented each of the posts in place.

The photos of the finished installation show a view of the stone and poles from the entry to our block looking south towards the Glass House Mountains; and another looking north from the house.

Of course you always need something on the edges – an out-rider. Fiona wanted a small 200mm cube to be placed in the stone waterway beside the driveway but about 6m from but lining up with the installation.

We have not treated the timber so all the posts should turn grey nicely over time. I think the post and metal rod fence at the entrance might have to go as there are too many lines happening.

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