Monday, December 14, 2009

Belonging to community in Maleny

We have lived in Maleny for just over three years now and have made an effort to become part of the community by: buying local, joining a couple of interest and community service organisations, including COMA, and taking on roles on a couple of committees.

When we walk down the main street there is always someone we stop and yarn to – people know people in Maleny. On Sunday morning we stopped and talked to three tables of people on the footpath outside Monica’s on our way in to have a coffee. Peter, one of the baristas from Monica’s, came out onto the footpath and said: “Hurry up you two your coffees are made.” He had seen us outside and had made our coffees in anticipation. As ‘ordered’ we went inside and paid for our coffees – and upstairs on the table we often frequent there were our steaming coffees – and of course Peter had said Barry’s skinny has the spoon thru the handle. We just had a good chuckle to ourselves and said well you know there is a sense of community when that happens; and you feel part of it.

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