Thursday, December 10, 2009

Star burst bowl for joy

Life on the block is as hectic as ever. The run down to Christmas has its normal challenges of getting lots of jobs, commissions, paper work and other stuff done before everyone shuts down for a while. But with the challenge of the heat and lack of rain there is a little more to do on the block. Fiona told me today that we had the highest November day on record on 17 Nov – over 38degrees.

We have had to start watering trees etc to keep the level of stress down until good soaking rain arrives. So whilst Fiona was out foraging veggies for dinner (tomatoes, onions, zucchini, rocket and corn) I spent a couple of hours watering – we are now really glad that we installed enormous water collection tanks when we built the house.

Still there has been time for art. Fiona continues to build the book stack for Saturday’s Market. Her books with wooden covers have turned out really well. I focused on completing an artists’ book commission.

But just for ‘recreation’ I beat this small (12cm diameter) copper bowl from a piece cut from a found copper water heater. I was aiming for a very simple form with a star burst from the centre. The shine and lines of the front of the bowl contrasts with the patina on the back – almost light and dark sides.

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