Friday, December 4, 2009

Leather artist – Cottage workplace

I just wanted to share the fact that Hiroyuki has been featured in a magazine for his quality handmade leather work.

Who is Hiroyuki; and how do we know him? When Fiona and I were in Tatebayashi (Japan) for the art-culture exchange in April apart from meeting a lot of great people such as Hiro, Bessie, Cathy and Tombow; we were also lucky enough to meet a young couple Hiroyuki and Yoko. We met by accident really. We went to a bar to have dinner after setting up the exhibition and sat on a platform next to them and a conversation started over the fact that we had the same Merrill shoes. We joined tables and had had a good night with poor language communication but great sign language, good will and beer.

A couple of days later we were invited to visit Hiroyuki’s Cottage workplace and of course go to a bar to drink whisky etc. We have kept spasmodic contact with Yoko and Hiroyuki since then and hope they will visit us in Maleny some day.

But the good news is that Hiroyuki's work now has exposure through the magazine - Daytona MonoBros. Well done!!


  1. H you are too modest - you do great leather work and we are glad the message about your work is spreading. Go well. B


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