Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rainy day metal bowl

The rain has been great on the mountain over the last few days – lots of light scudding showers – filling the earth and the tanks on the block. The trees are just loving it – so are the weeds of course – you can almost hear them growing – lots of new shoots shining luminous green and red in the soft light.

But of course after a few days of Christmas cheer and rain one tends to get a bit of ‘cabin fever’. There is only so much cricket you can watch; and another good book has come to an end. So what to do but head down into the garage-studio and beat a bit of metal to reflect the day. I decided to do a small hand held bowl with the words “Always aim to shine on” – to reflect the light, growth and tenacity of the plants; but also the up and coming new year.

As you can see from the photo I started with a piece of an old copper water tank.

In the end the metal was a bit thin; it had some stress lines already in it; and of course without softening it with a bit of heat the hammering has over stretched the centre where I had already stressed it with a sharp edged small hammer to create a central star pattern.

But in the end it is still an OK little bowl and it was good to be creative for a while on this soft and rainy day. And of course another lesson learnt.

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