Thursday, December 31, 2009

Images from the shelves

As always in our household there is ‘a list’; but the last day of 2009 had a hint of difference. Not only did we need to put bird mesh over the mango and fig trees etc; there was the printing of our 2010 greeting cards; and me finally getting around to doing a good clean of the print studio. This space also doubles as my ‘clean studio’ for artists’ book and book binding etc as distinct from my ‘dirty studio’ (the garage) for sculpture and metal work.

When I was cleaning shelves I reacquainted myself with some little collections that inhabit the shelves. There are many small groupings of stuff but I thought I might just share a few of these collections. There is a rainbow of carpenter pencils; glass washed and sanded by the sea; stones from many beaches and paths; small glass waves and other slumped glass pieces; and bullet casings, button and wrecked bullet leads from the WW1 battle fields around Ypres with peace at their centre as hope for the future.

May you enjoy New Year’s Eve; and may 2010 be great for all of us. Peace!

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