Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boxes for photographing art

We are often asked to photograph our work for exhibitions as well as wanting good shots for our blogs. But the detail of the pieces can appear out of focus, fuzzy or have shadows in the wrong place particularly if you are photographing 3D pieces. Ken of Maleny Artworks uses a curved photographing ‘box’ to capture a clearer and better images.

In a recent post on the Montville artist market Fiona said she had used Kim's photographing 'box' and was keen for us to make one of these ‘boxes’. And as you can see from the photos we now have two of them – a small one (about 400mm wide and 700mm long) and a larger one (about 600mm wide and 900mm long). Quite simple to make as Ken pointed out – a flexible sheet of ply or particle board, a couple of end pieces to act as strengtheners and the pieces to pull it all into the curve – and all screwed together. A bit of trial and error later and a coat of ceiling white paint and they are ready for action. Guess we will see if they improve our images.

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