Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Japanese visitor at exhibition opening

What a week it has been - I am exhausted. Fiona and my exhibition was officially opened on Saturday. The exhibitions of two other artists also opened that night so the whole opening was titled Four Artists Four Worlds.

It was a fun night as the different artists attracted a diverse crowd so there was quite a lot of crossover and interaction. It was also really great to have other local artists there to support the exhibitions.There were a few people from out of town and a couple from overseas. Hiro from Tatebayshi in Japan had made the trip to be there for Fiona and me. Pretty amazing really!!!

We met Hiro some six months ago as part of the sister city art and culture exchange. Hiro volunteered to assist with transport and translation. So now there is an international connection between Maleny and Tatebayshi that is growing. It was also great that while Hiro was here we got to play in the workshop and created a few small beaten copper bowls so he is now a Maleny artist.

Photos of our artworks will be available in the next day or so on the Maleny Artworks site but you could have a peek at Fiona’s photos to get a bit of a sense of our work. One of the things I like is that there are quite a few red dots – or in the words of Audrey a “vulgar display of red dots”.

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  1. That's fabulous - what a connection to make and how great to share art across countries and cultures


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