Saturday, April 10, 2010

Foldformed Letter N

This letter is a perfect example of what A Letter a Week 2010 is all about. Often I just do not have enough time to do the bigger creative things because life, work and weeding take over; but I can squeeze in a little creativity - such as a beaten metal letter.

This letter N took about three quarters of an hour to do: from cutting the metal blank from the side of the pot plant holder; through the foldforming of the letter; and finishing with a polish.

At the end of the process I felt at least I had done a little bit of art rather than none at all. So I will persist with my letters as they give me the chance to stop, do a little creative stuff and practice metal beating techniques.


  1. Love that beaten metal... quite like it unpolished!

  2. S Thanks - I like the fact that in the finished piece some of the markings, tarnish, patina and wear anf tear can still show through. B


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