Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple triangle sculptures

I did a post about two weeks ago on the fact that I was able to cut the rusted fireplace up into the pieces I wanted to use to create two simple sculptures for the garden. These sculptures are based on pairs of triangles that are joined by right angle welds which were part of the original fireplace construction.

Fiona and I moved the pieces of the two sculptures around to see how they would look in different configurations on the bone coloured stone below the retaining wall out the front of our house. One sculpture has four pieces that are about the same size; whereas the other has three pieces in descending size.

At the moment we have settled on the configurations in the photos. We like the rusted planes and the contrast with the stone. As you know I have been doing these as part of the body of work I am doing for the Lucas Parklands -Open Garden exhibition in June. Fiona however keeps saying how much she likes them on our block - guess we will wait and see.

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