Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water feature for Figs in the Forest

Great weather again today so I managed to get the second water feature/font finished. Why do I call them font and not bird baths? As indicated at the time Fiona and I did our joint In the Stillness Exhibition I see fonts as quasi sacred water features located in quiet spots in the garden one can visit and peer into and find a bit of stillness.
As you can see from the photos below this font has a leaf motive that fits with the Figs in the Forest exhibition theme - growth and renewal.

The font is 1m high and the timber is 150mm square. The bowl is a cut down and re-worked brass pot plant holder. The plate it sits on is a rusted cut out from a welder's scrap heap; and the arms that hold the plate and bowl are off an old push lawn mower. The 'leaves' are cut from scraps of brass left over from making fold formed letters for the ALaW 2010 creativity challenge. Thick copper wire (courtesy of Noela) forms the vine for the leaves; and the leaves are held in place with copper nails (courtesy of Hiro).

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