Friday, April 23, 2010

Sculptural water feature made from recycled metal.

It has been a great day - the sun shone, it didn't rain; and Fiona and I were able to get into the studio and the outdoors and do a bit of creative work. Fiona was doing lots of work sanding and oiling blocks and boards for her Lucas Parklands pieces.

I managed to work on a couple of water features for outdoor settings. One was my tri-bowl piece; and the other is a wood and metal piece possibly for the Barung Figs in the Forest Exhibition to be held as part of the Wood Expo in Maleny.
I got the tri-bowl water feature/font finished - but it turned out a bit different from my early sketch which was to incorporate three posts. The piece is about 900mm high, 500mm wide and 6-700mm long - a good substantial piece. As you can see each bowl is different.
In the end I used a section of rectangular tubing that had been used as welding practice piece by Frenchman Joe from Treehaven Way; and a section of angle iron from the roadside collection out Witta way. The bowls started life as brass pot plant holders etc and have had significant modifications and additions.

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