Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mackay Labyrinth

Recently Fiona and I travelled to Mackay to check out the Libris Awards for artists' books - Fiona had an artist book accepted for exhibition. Any way we also wanted to check out the Artspace gallery as well.

As you may have picked up lately I have been involved in setting up ArtSite and placemaking in Maleny. Because of this I am more and more on the look out for what artists are doing in their communities to tell the stories of community or add new stories to the spaces in the community.

In the grounds just adjacent to the entry to Artspace there is a placemaking piece called The Elemental Labyrinth by Jill Chism. She says the labyrinth with its 8 elements is a metaphor for life.

As you can see from the photos above the piece evokes a sense of peace. The photos below show some of the words representing the elements - great use of materials to draw the observer in.

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