Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost finished on Friday

I have been finding bits and pieces of time to do a little more work on the the personal shrine that I am calling  Impermanence - a shrine for rust lovers. The thinking behind the work is that life holds no guarantees - we live in a state of flux and change. The rusting shrine could act to remind us that we need to live life each day, not postpone happiness, to find the joy in what is, and that nothing is permanent.

I basically wanted to make a piece that is untreated, unpolished and would continue to rust and break down over many years. In the process it would continue to create beautiful colours such as on the detail of the shrine.
Barry Smith © Impermanence - shrine for rust lovers - detail
This afternoon I did get two hours to get the piece within a grind or two of completion. The photos don't really do it justice as I snapped them quickly before showering to head off for bubbles with Mark and the gang to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Barry Smith © Impermanence - shrine for rust lovers
I have made an iron leaf and bowl for this piece.

Barry Smith © Impermanence - shrine for rust lovers - detail
There is no doubt this piece will only appeal to those who find beauty in rust. It is currently out in the rain 'curing' a little more.


  1. Barry ... Impermanence is absolutely stunning! i love the thoughts behind the creation ... life is transient ...having wasted a lot of my young life away drifting and not really knowing where to go and not taking the essential opportunities as they came along ... this piece totally spoke to me. i am now trying to play catch up, do things i wanna do, just enjoy every moment of my life, and to just be brave!

    the first image looks really really beautiful! i can see all the rust formation, the different colors on the shrine and even the texture. i also am very much in love with that bowl! it looks really really rustily rustastic!!

  2. Barry, I love the idea of a work of art that will change over time as a consequence of its materials and/or exposure to the elements! We so often defy and deny that process as living beings, perhaps to see it unfold before our eyes in such a beautiful way can make us more philosophical about it, as you suggest, and less resistant! Good work.

  3. The works seem to have the phantasmagoric beauty.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Good weekend


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