Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quiet companions

On our recent trip to Bega to catch up with Ronnie and check out her exhibition in the Spiral Gallery we passed through a really small town called Nimmitabel. It is one of those towns that continues to exist because it provides a trip stop for travellers; and they have an excellent bakery. Fiona and I stopped for breakfast - great coffee and absolutely fresh bakery bits.

On our way back to Canberra we spotted the above  'tree' situated in a roadside spot  - not a park - just a spot near a farm fence.

The 'tree' has no sign to say why it is there or who created it - but the local magpies think it is not a bad roosting site - one dropped in to check out the immobile locals. Whilst we were there one of the local horses came to the fence and insisted that Fiona give it a bit of a scratch and pat.

I just love it when we discover these bits of art in the most surprising places - just makes you smile and makes one feel good to be part of the art community.


  1. A lovely surprise! Excellent photos too!

  2. Yes, a most amazing tree to discover. Glad you shared it with us.

  3. wonderful. and the magpies like it, too!

  4. R, HN, LAM and V - yes great to discover such simple wonders - but also to have the simple technology to capture and share it. I love being part of the sharing, connected blogging community. B

  5. What a wonderful unexpected surprise to run into! Art and can't beat that!

  6. looks and sounds like a wonderful and yummy time!


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